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Welcome to the World's first picture hanging Blog!

Well, as best as I can tell it is anyway. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but apart from various hanging handyman hints and several obscure references to hanging pictures from within other blogs, no-one yet has focussed specific attention on the subject. Now I am the first to admit, hanging pictures is not exactly brain surgery but I never cease to be amazed how many intelligent, multi-skilled people are totally confronted and stopped by the idea of trying to hang a picture, or worse still, a series or group of pictures. So herein, I hope to share, with anyone out there who may be interested, my 'wall-stories'. My intention is to keep the stories, light, short, and hopefully amusing. For any of my clients who might read this you need fear not; no names, no pack-drill as they say. The stories will be factual but names, times and locations will be changed to protect the innocent. I'd love to get a bit of feedback. If you have a good 'hanging' story to tell let me know. Whilst trying to keep everything in a positive vein, criticism of a constructive nature will be welcomed, slagging off will not. So let us begin.

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