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- Russell Unitt

“Have you just moved, or are about to move into a new home, apartment or office?  Or perhaps you have just completed a renovation? 

With your newly arrived furniture in place,  now is the best opportunity to have your pictures hung correctly,  offering as it were, a 'blank canvas' for a picture hanging professional to do his best work, preparing the layout and positioning of your pictures to give you an outstanding visual result."

Our Design Consultation Service


They say that moving into a new home can be one of life's most stressful situations.  And if you have just moved into a new home, or are just about to, one of those stressful, challenging circumstances might be the hanging of pictures in your new abode.  Your pictures, having been taken down from the walls of the previous home, have been packed up and delivered by your removalist.  Now they are probably sitting in neat stacks, leaning against a wall and somehow, you have to work out how and where to hang them. 


This challenge may be amplified if your new home was built in a different era, differing architecturally to your previous one, or you may be scaling down, moving from a large home into a smaller modern apartment.  Perhaps your new place may have more (or less) walls available to hang pictures than where you had previously lived, the ceilings (and therefore the walls) may be higher or lower and there may be different rooms and design considerations; all things that can affect how the pictures from your old home will look in your new one. 


You may also find that some of the pictures you have brought from your previous home will, for whatever reason, not work in your new place.  For example this can happen if you are moving into a modern home or apartment with pictures you had previously selected and hung that suited the style of the older period home you have moved from.


To assist you in making value judgments as to how to move forward, to choose the appropriate locations for the pictures and mirrors that are best suited to your new home, and to help you decide on which ones don't suit, we offer a complete picture and mirror hanging Design Consultation Service.  


For large or complex hanging projects we can make an appointment to visit you prior to any hanging taking place to discuss your options.  This might include selecting and positioning the most appropriate pieces for each area of your home, helping you identify pictures that won't work in your new environment, and also suggesting options for blank walls where you might like to hang something  in the future.  The correct selection and positioning of  mirrors can also be quite critical to how your new home will look, and we can advise you on where a mirror can offer the greatest decorative value.  We can even make suggestions for gallery-standard lighting of any important art you may wish to highlight. 


Design consultations are charged at the same $85 inner-suburban callout fee but with an hourly rate for the time we spend with you.  If you would like to make a booking or discuss your situation you can ring me on 0409 000 399. 


- Russell Unitt

Call Russell now for a quote on
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