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Group Hanging / Family Photo Walls / Paris (Salon) Hanging


One of the specialist services Picture Hanging Solutions can offer our clients is the layout, design and precision hanging of groups of pictures and other interesting wall décor pieces.  These groups might include a series of framed family photographs, or perhaps a group of similar small to medium sized artworks that will look more impactful hung together than scattered individually. You might be a collector of sporting memorabilia and would like to have all your pieces hung in a specific area such as a billiard room, study or your garage.  Another grouped design that is becoming very popular with decorators and designers is the 'Paris Hang' or 'Salon Hang', where you bring together interesting and sometimes diverse hanging items (such as small pictures, mirrors and other random objects), then hang them in an interesting, often asymmetrical layout. 


Many home decorating TV shows emphasise the positive impact that groups of pictures can bring to a home.  However, the reality is for the average homemaker it is quite challenging to try and do it yourself, even when you might already have the group of pieces you would like to hang.  It takes a trained and experienced eye to take a sometimes diverse group of images, design a visually balanced layout and then hang them in a way that is not only pleasing to the eye but creates a new and prominent feature of your home.     


Deciding to hang a group of pieces is just one part of the equation.  The other part is choosing the best location for the group to be hung.   Sometimes the location is dictated by the type of group to be hung, and other times it is governed by the wall-space you have available.  Either way we will explore and discuss all your options when we visit you in your home.      
If you would like to discuss your group hanging projects and ideas, ring Russell on 0409 000 399.

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Paris Hang Group.


A typically diverse 'Paris Hang' design

Group of collected artworks.


An example of a group of collected artworks

Group of sports memorabilia.


A much loved collection of sports memorabilia

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