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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just use a stick-on hook and hang the picture myself?

Of course you can, but do you really want to take the risk? If your picture is valuable or has sentimental value and the hook fails (as stick-on hooks very often do) and your picture ends up smashed on the ground, the cost will be far more than we will charge to come and hang it properly and securely in the first place.

How high should my picture be hung?

There is no precise height. It varies depending on a number of factors including ceiling height, aspect (vertical or horizontal) what is underneath it (a picture hung over a period fireplace is inevitably hung higher). As a general rule, you should be able to look at the picture more or less at eye level.

I have just moved home and now I am unsure where to hang all my pictures and mirrors - can you help?

Yes, absolutely. It can be quite confusing when you first move into a new home that might be quite different architecturally or period-wise to your previous one. You might still have the same pictures and mirrors as before but because your new environment is so different, you don't know where to hang them. A large part of our job is assisting clients in selecting and positioning pictures in the most appropriate locations so you get the best decorative benefit.  Visit our Designs Consultations page for more information.

Where should I hang a mirror?

It is often more a case of where not to hang a mirror. Hanging a mirror in a large well-lit space, opposite a large picture window will often make the room feel too big.  You should also avoid hanging a mirror opposite a blank wall as mirrors tend to be visually neutral; they need to reflect something of decorative value to bring them to life.  Mirrors work best as both an indirect light source and as a means of creating visual space, and are used to great effect adjacent to a front door, in alcoves, hallways or above fireplaces.

I have a lot of family photos and memorabilia. Can you help me hang these?

The layout, design and precision hanging of groups of pictures are a particular speciality of ours. These groups might be framed family photos, sporting or other memorabilia images, or even a group of smaller artworks and objects d'art (hung in what is called a 'Paris Hang' group). We prepare and lay out the group design for you to approve before we hang, and the end result will likely become a major decorative feature of your home. Visit our Group Hanging page for more information.

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Climbing men wall sculpture.
Mirror reflecting external light.

A perfectly positioned mirror that draws reflected light into a darkened room.

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