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- Russell Unitt

The Services we Provide


Design Consultation

For large or complex picture hanging projects, we offer a complete picture hanging Design Consultation Service.  We give advice on art, mirror and general picture placement, together with precision grouped layouts (such as family photo walls or memorabilia collections).  We can also suggest options for any blank walls where you might like to hang pictures at a later time.

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“Clients often tell me they hung pictures on hooks left there by the previous owners.  Unfortunately those hooks are almost never in the right place. Consequently pictures end up hanging too high or too low and nearly always off centre.  Often it's best to just take them all down and start again.”


Decorative Advice


For large or small jobs, we offer professional advice on locating and positioning pictures, mirrors, etc. to their best decorative advantage; especially with regard to how they relate to your décor and other furnishings.



We hang pictures and so much more!

We skilfully and safely hang paintings, prints, framed photographs, mirrors, plates, vintage posters, tapestries and rugs, degree and award certificates, memorabilia and wall sculptures.  Over the years we have also dealt with unusual requests for hanging items such as musical instruments, collectable number plates, Samurai swords, aircraft propellers, wooden puppets, wartime flags, surf-boards and snow-skis, rowing oars and every type of wall clock you can think of!


Where we can hang pictures for you

We offer our services in homes, apartments, galleries, studios, corporate and general offices in all inner suburbs of Melbourne.


Group Hanging Specialists

We specialise in designing the layout and precision hanging of groups of paintings, framed family photographs and award certificates.  Other groups include framed memorabilia (football jumpers, cricket bats etc.), clusters of mirrors and groups of eclectic objects and pictures brought together as a single display, often referred to as a 'Paris Hang'.  Visit our Group Hanging Page for more information and images of many of our completed group hang projects.

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