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- Russell Unitt

“Large heavy mirrors are one of the most dangerous items to hang.  If you get it wrong, they can do enormous damage and even cause injury.  Play it safe, employ a professional and enjoy the peace of mind.”

Our Experience in Hanging Pictures

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The PHS team of Russell, Daniel and Keith have a combined experience of 25 years working in various areas of the fine art industry, and in the past ten years have specialised specifically in the area of hanging pictures and mirrors.  PHS owner Russell Unitt previously owned and worked in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious Art Galleries.  
“In the course of my work in selling Fine Art, I would deliver a purchased painting to a client and after hanging it they would often ask me if I could hang or re-hang other pictures they had.  Over time I started getting phone calls from friends and family of clients wanting me to hang their pictures as well, and it grew from there.”


 “I often say that hanging pictures is simple but it’s not easy.  It’s relatively simple to put a picture up on the wall, but it is not easy to position it in such a way that it actually enhances its decorative environment.  Simple things such as hanging at the correct height, choosing the location of a picture to best coordinate with other decorative elements in a room, or matching the aspect of the pictures with that of the wall they are to be hung on.  Then there are the more complex challenges of positioning and hanging an artwork high in a stairwell, or laying out and precision hanging a group of decorative plates or a prized collection of framed football jumpers in a client's Man-Cave!  These are just some examples of the experience, skills and knowledge we offer our clients every working day."  


“Daniel, Keith and I take great pleasure in assisting our clients to achieve the best possible decorative outcomes from the picture hanging work we do.  I have come to understand that there is a subtle art to picture hanging.  To create a sense of balance and harmony, by the careful placement of art, prints, photographs, and mirrors that brings life to a room and turns your house into a home."

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