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Are your paintings, prints, framed photographs or mirrors poorly hung, or even worse, sitting on the floor collecting dust?

For just an $85 inner Melbourne metro callout fee (plus hanging), we will include up to 30 minutes of FREE consultation time to assist you in selecting the most decoratively appealing locations to hang your pictures at the correct height, using quality hanging fixtures to ensure they stay safely on the wall.


Picture Hanging Solutions will visit your home, apartment or office to precision hang your Fine Art, prints, paintings, framed photographs, posters, memorabilia, mirrors, wall sculpture and fabric wall hangings.

Our promise to you is expert picture hanging and a prompt courteous service at all times.    

If you have a picture hanging problem, we have the solution.

- Russell Unitt

"There is a subtle art to picture hanging.  To create a sense of balance and harmony, by the careful placement of art, prints, photographs, and mirrors brings life to a room and turns a house into a home."


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The Art of wall-scaping

Thoughtfully and creatively hanging pictures on blank walls is similar to taking a bare patch of ground and turning it into a lush garden.  It is so much more than just randomly banging a few nails into walls and hoping your pictures will look good. 


It requires a clear understanding of basic design principles and how they apply to the positioning of pictures; that is, the ability to identify the correct location and height to hang a picture or mirror, how that picture or mirror fits in with its decorative surroundings (furnishings, colours etc.), and how it co-ordinates with other pictures or mirrors in the immediate vicinity. 


I refer to this as wall-scaping; taking a blank wall and creatively adding an image, or series of images to transform not only that wall, but also the entire room.  For example, a passageway with blank walls can be totally changed by the hanging of a matching series of well lit prints or a carefully arranged group of framed family photographs.  By introducing images, shapes and colour into an otherwise decoratively neutral space, the area becomes a place where friends and family will stop, admire and chat.  Instantly your bare hallway will be transformed into a treasured feature of your home.

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